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Historical Costume Rental Policies

When you rent historical costumes from Leading Lady Costumes you can rest assured that you will receive period costumes with attention paid to the finest details.

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Ordering Costumes 
All first time renting organizations must register by furnishing our organization with a completed client information sheet. For each new production, your company must fill out a new project rental agreement. Both are available for download.

All orders must be in writing with a signed rental agreement and deposit. Phone calls and email inquiries without a project rental agreement are not acceptable. We require both a signed rental agreement and a 50% deposit. Only when you receive an email confirmation of your deposit will your order be placed and theatrical costumes reserved.

Rental prices are determined based on requested costumes and length of show run.  Estimates will be quoted before payment is required.

All costumes must be paid for, in full, before they can be taken or shipped from our business. Cash, company check, or Pay Pal™ may be used. All shipping charges and fees are the responsibility of the company renting the costumes. We will not send COD packages.

Rush Charges
To avoid rush charges, we need costume worksheet and measurement forms at least 3 weeks in advance of your ship date. Orders for costume measurements received fewer than 10 calendar days prior to your ship date are subject to a 25% rush charge for the first week only. You are responsible for any premium shipping costs. The costume plot will have the specifics of what costumes you are renting.

Once costumes have been rented, there are no refunds or credits, but exchanges on all rented items may be made before opening night. Any costumes pulled for you or your production and later canceled will be charged a restocking fee equal to 30% of original rental fee.

Costumes are due back to our company within 10 days after the final performance date listed on your contract. A penalty charge per costume per week will accrue for all items kept out after this time.

Please refer to our measurement forms. We go by measurements, not sizes. Please inform us in advance of physical characteristics of cast members that could affect the fit of garments. Correct measurements are your responsibility. Always have an adult perform the measurements.  For more than one costume rental, please also use our one page cast measurement chart.

All alterations are to be made by hand stitching—no safety pins, tape, glues, or staples. Never cut or disassemble costumes or you will be charged for replacement costs. All costumes have been cleaned before shipping to you.

All major alterations, including any labels you put into an item, must be removed and costumes restored to their original condition before being cleaned and returned.

Care of Costumes
All rented costumes not returned by opening night must be professionally dry cleaned before being returned to us regardless of use.

The majority of our costumes and accessories contain a unique numbered barcode label or company label. Do not remove these labels. A detailed list of costumes supplied will be provided with your rental for inventory control. This helps you check items in and provides a packing list for returning.

You may have the costumes cleaned at a dry cleaner of your choosing, or you may return them, and we will have them cleaned at a charge of $6.00 per pound. Dry cleaning receipts must be furnished upon return to Leading Lady Costumes.

Damages & Lost Pieces
Any damage, including excessive makeup, which makes the costume unusable for future use, will be charged at replacement value. Damaged costumes that are part of a matched set will result in a charge for the entire matched set.

Damages include cigarette burns, stage blood (or real), stage makeup, grease, and excessive rips and tears. Damages due to choreography or stage movement (such as knee skids) require replacement of the garment.

Missing pieces are charged at full replacement value.

All labels placed in the costumes must be temporary and not adhesive tape based.  Additionally, all rentor's labels must be removed prior to returning costumes to Leading Lady Costumes.  

Removal of Leading Lady Costumes labels or bar code labels will result in a $5 replacement charge for each removed label.  From time to time labels fall out or come off through natural wear and tear and will be taken into consideration.  If a bar code or label shows in an on stage change for example the removing of a jacket, etc., cover the label with a temporary piece of fabric that looks like the lining or fabric rather than removing the label.  

Return Shipping
Please repack costumes the way they were received: on hangers, in protective plastic bags when supplied. There is a charge of 10% of the rental for costumes not packed properly for shipping.

Shipped costumes must be returned via UPS® or FedEx® and tracking information must be provided to us as soon as shipment is made.

Contact us to request more information about our theatrical costume rentals.