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Les Miserablés Costume Rental Package

Leading Lady Costumes is your one-stop shop for your upcoming production of Les Miserablés.   Our costume package originally designed for an Equity regional theatre will keep your audiences on their feet and applauding "at the end of the day"!  This costume package generally books 6 months in advance, so please keep that in mind when contacting us!

Because of the sizing of these costumes, we are currently not renting the package out to High Schools or Middle Schools.  

Costume Breakdown for Les Misérables

Click here for sample character photo pages.

Young Cossette:  

  • Brown textured rag dress, apron, hairscarf
  • Period travel coat and small bonnet

Adult Cossette:

  • Navy blue patterned cotton faille dress w/ ivory lace collar
  • Floral dress with hanging sleeves, ruffle on skirt, large petticoat or medium hoop
  • White brocade period wedding dress w/ hoop.
  • Travel coat and bonnet for Paris


  • Young Eponine: Empire style dress in pastel blues and yellow stripes w/ soft bonnet
  • Adult Eponine:  Oilcloth coat, trousers, distressed camisole, man’s wide leather belt, cap


  • Brown and taupe stripe empire-waist dress with faked under-sleeves and underskirt. Smock apron
  • Prostitute brocade corset paint distressed, lightweight brocade hitched up skirt, bloomers
  • White cotton period empire-waist night gown with matching cotton and eyelet over-gown/robe added for finale death scene.


  • Convict outfit consists of 2 distressed and overdyed pieces with "24601" painted on chest of shirt.
  • Distressed travel coat 
  • dark frock suits pulled to size.  Blacks and charcoal plaids, somber brocade vests, black pants worn throughout show to make changes easier.
  • Large off white shawl/throw rigged with closure for final epilogue.


  • 10 men
  • Specialty Valjean with “24601” painted on, and distressed travel coat


  • 3 guards (with convicts)
  • 2 policemen (at the Bishop's house)
  • 2 policemen in "Lovely Ladies"
  • 2 guards @ the trial
  • 2 policemen in Paris
  • 1 Valjean soldier coat
  • Thenardier distressed military coat w/ shoulder brushes

Assorted schemata and rabble cover ups for assorted ensemble numbers.  Some rigged, some shawl/blanket like


Variations of period peasant wear for men and women.  Layers and textures to add authenticity to the scene.  Assorted straw hats and aprons to help complete the looks.

  • 1 Farmer
  • 1 Laborer
  • 8 Male ensemble laborers
  • 7 Female ensemble laborers

Bishop’s House

  • 1 Bishop cassock with attached red-trimmed capelet
  • 1 Bishop night shirt
  • 1 Sister (period day dress or skirt/blouse combo dependant on size)
  • 1 Housekeeper (could possibly do more if needed)

 "End of the Day"

  • 6 featured singers
  • + full ensemble (minus factory workers for next scene)

 "Lovely Ladies"

  • 6 prostitutes
  • 1 pimp
  • 3 assorted sailor types
  • 2 crones (1 for locket 1 for hair)
  • Bamatabois (the John)
  • Captain
  • Remainder of male ensemble as Gentlemen (or sailor/peasants if desired)


  • 1 judge (additional can be added)
  • Full ensemble repeats previous looks with the addition or subtraction of pieces as necessary

 Fantine's Death:

  • 1 nun/nurse:  black cassock with nubby black over robe with appropriate headwear.

 Thenardier Inn

  • 2 male travelers
  • 1 Posh Couple (1 male 1 female)
  • Full ensemble as assorted guests
  • Mssrs. Thenardier in military coat, breeches, work shirt, vest, leather apron, cap
  • Mdme. Thenardier in layered skirts, peasant blouse, and laceup bodice


  • 1 old beggar woman
  • 1 young prostitute
  • 1 pimp
  • Thenardier's Gang (Brujon, Claqesous, Montparnasse, Babet) each character w/ specific look including the dandy with leather tailcoat.
  • Gang and policemen and ensemble covered in rags for first chorus

 ABC Cafe

  • 7 named students
  • 2 additional male ens.  (can possibly add more)
  • Traditional red vest with gold trim and buttons for Enjolras
  • Tricolor sashes and red libertine caps and tricolor cockades for assorted ensemble

 People's Song:

  • Female ensemble join in
  • 2 as serving wenches
  • 1 urchin boy/ammo runner (fem ens. as boy--not gavroche)
  • Innkeeper (Not Thenardier)
  • Innkeeper wife (Not Thenardier)


  • Rabble eton jacket, Peasant shirt, rabble breeches, patterned knee socks, cap.

 Barricade through "Turning":

  • All ensemble repeats.  Add shawls/caps, etc.


  • 6 women:  women in pastel period ball gowns with sheer overdrapes, white gloves, hair bows/fascinators.
  • 6 men:  Black tails, waistcoats in brocades in shades to match women, matching cravats, white formal gloves.
  • 1 major domo:  18th Century Livery including white wig (if required)
  • 1 server:  Either 18th Century livery or 19th Century tails and servent vest, white gloves.
  • 1 drunk uncle (Tails, silk brocade waistcoat, tie, etc.)

Additional men can be added in formal wear, but I have no additional women's dresses that match.

  • Cossette in wedding dress
  • Marius in period tails
  • Mdme. Thenardier dress in bright plaids and purple
  • Mssr. Thenardier in purple stripe cutaway frock and breeches, green livery vest
  • Valjean in dark pants from previous outfit, poet shirt, cream chenille blanket shawl

This is the basic inventory of the package based on the originally designed production for the Ogunquit Playhouse.  Additional costumes can be added where necessary.